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High-performance Nixie tube simulator.

Vivid and high image quality IPS LCD Even the dimly glowing gas light characteristic of Nixie tubes is represented.

The latest Nixie tube-style clock created by modern technology.

The electronic circuitry peeking out from the top of the main unit gives a cyber impression.

The high-grade aluminum case and full-color LEDs illuminating the back of the clock create a dramatic time display.

Alarm function is fully equipped.

Six alarm settings can be saved, and the alarm sound and snooze can be selected. Alarms can be set to any desired theme.

Display theme can be selected from the six built-in themes.

Dedicated software (for Windows only) can be downloaded and connected via USB for further customization.

- Time setting via WiFi connection
- Addition of theme images
- BGM addition

This is a simple kit. Easy assembly with no tools required, just plug in the IPS module.

Basic Functions
Time display
Calendar display
Alarm function
Theme selection
LED light

Width : 204mm
Height : 72mm
Depth : 68mm
Weight : 432g
Material : Aluminum + Glass
Interface :USB type-c
Screen : 16:9 ips LCD
resolution : 135 x 240 pixels

Clock body / ips module / glass tube case / hexagonal wrench / USB type-c cable (1.0m) / USB power supply / user's manual / original sticker

Cautions* Please note
that the watch is
not waterproof and should be placed away from water

Please note that there may be minor scratches on the surface during the manufacturing process. Please understand this in advance.

date: Normal delivery - within 3 days|Express delivery - within 24
hoursShipping method: Yamato Transport (with tracking and warranty


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