NIXOID VFD CYBER (IVL 2-7/5)|Produced exclusively at 830 Watch Store


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NIXOID's Nixie Watch, the long-awaited arrival in Japan.

"We are a Ukrainian team that is still young, but we have big ideas. Our goal is to become an excellent company with an international reputation. We will move forward step by step."

by NIXOID lab

NIXOID watches use proprietary Nixie and VFD tubes (hereafter referred to as display tubes ) manufactured in the Soviet Union.

Numerous durability tests have proven that Soviet Union display tubes manufactured for military use are the most reliable, have strong glass, and are resistant to vibration, compared to products from the United States, Germany, and Japan.

The indicator tubes have already been discontinued, and we use unused, high-quality indicator tubes from dead stock that remain in our warehouse.


-Case is machined aluminum. IVL 2-7/5 VFD tube made in USSR (4-digit display)

- Machined from aluminum

- Startup effect

- LED backlight (BLUE )

- micro USB rechargeable battery (700 ~ 1000 display operations on a full charge)

- Battery level display (1 ~ 99%)

- 24-hour notation DD / MM / YY format (12-hour notation on black only)

NIXOID's NIXIE TUBE WATCH V3.3 VFD IV-3A uses the Soviet VFD tube IVL 2-7/5.

The impact of the appearance of this wristwatch equipped with a 4-digit VFD tube is overwhelming.

Enjoy the pleasure of wearing cyber technology.

The four-digit VFD tube displays the time at the push of a button.

Further press the button to check the remaining battery level, month, date, and year.

USB rechargeable battery.

One full charge provides 700 ~ 1000 display operations. In standby mode it can keep for more than 30 days.

Even when the battery reaches 0%, the internal clock is still operational and does not need to be recharged and the time readjusted after recharging.

The case is machined aluminum. It is heavy and strong, resistant to rust and sweat stains, yet lightweight.

*The inside of a watch is a precision machine. Please be careful not to drop or otherwise impact the watch.

Polishing, priming, and painting of the case are all done by hand with great care, making each piece unique.

830 Watch Shop Limited Edition

The case is engraved with the 830 logo and is a special limited production piece manufactured exclusively for 830 Watch Shop.
*The number of pieces is limited and may be switched to regular products without notice.

Product Warranty
All NIXOID products are built with precision manufacturing processes.
However, in the unlikely event of a problem, our products are covered by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase.
Please contact us at our e-mail address ( ).

*Warranty is not attached. We will use your purchase confirmation e-mail as proof of purchase.

*Warranty does not cover damage during use, such as submersion in water or impact from dropping.

Wristwatch / User's manual / Charging cable micro USB 1m / Dedicated package
*Please prepare USB power supply ( 5V DC) separately

Case size: 73 x 42 mm
Case thickness: 10.5 mm
Case Material: Aluminum
Case Glass: Mineral Glass
Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer (non-removable)
Power Supply: 5V
DCUSB Charging Terminal: micro USB
Band Length: 160 - 210mm
Band Width: 22mm
Band Material: Silicon
Weight: 88g
Waterproof Performance: 3 ATM (life Water resistance: 3 atm (life)

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Estimated shipping date: Normal delivery - within 3 days|Express delivery - within 24 hours
Shipping method: Yamato Transport (tracking and warranty

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