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February 20 (Sun.) 8:30 PM Various NIXOID limited edition products on sale!

Manufactured with metal extracted in the Chernobyl area, which is also the setting for the PV of NIXOID NEXT.

The premier model, of which only one was made in the world, was specially delivered to Japan.

No radioactive materials have been detected. Please be assured.

NIXOID NEXT : Model Chernobyl

- Aluminum alloy case

- Sapphire glass

IN-16 Nixie tube (new) IN-16 Nixie tube (new)

- Shuffle effect at startup

-LED backlight (battery level indicator) LED backlight (battery level indicator)

- magnetic connector / USB rechargeable battery (max. 25~30 days on full charge) magnetic connector / USB rechargeable battery ( up to 25~30 days on a full charge)

- 12-hour time display / Calendar: DD / MM / YY DD / MM / YY Format

Product specifications are equivalent to NIXOID NEXT : Model 830.

This model does not have an accelerometer.

NIXOID NEXT uses unused, high-quality Nixie tubes made in the former Soviet Union, which have a life span of approximately 20 years.

Compared to Nixie tubes manufactured in the U.S., Germany, Japan, and other countries, Nixie tubes from the former Soviet Union, which were developed for military use, are the most reliable, and their strong glass structure has proven to be resistant to vibration through numerous durability tests.

Product Warranty
All NIXOID products are constructed with precision manufacturing processes.
However, in the unlikely event of a problem, our products are covered by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase.
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*Warranty does not cover damage caused by use, such as submersion in water or shock from dropping.

Wristwatch / Instruction manual / USB charging cable 0.8m / Exclusive package

Please prepare USB power supply (5V DC) separately. A USB power supply (5V DC) is available for charging your mobile phone.

Case size: 55mm
Case thickness: 18mm
Case material: Metal
Case glass: Sapphire glass
Battery: Lithium polymer (non-removable)
Power supply: 5V DC
USB charging terminal magnetic connector
Band length: 180 - 230mm
Band width: 24mm
Band material: silicon
Weight: 92g
Water resistance: 3 atmospheres (approximately waterproof for daily use)

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Delivery method: Yamato Transport (with tracking and warranty

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