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New Wave" A New Discovery in Interior Decor.

VFD vacuum tube digital clock.

The skeleton mechanism allows the inside to be seen, and everything from the diode to the resistor functions as a design.

The LED color can be changed to match the atmosphere of the room.

A different kind of clock from Nixie tubes, this clock offers the fascination of technology.

For more information about VFD, please click here.
Cyberpunk - VFD|What is a fluorescent display tube?

LED light, color changeable
Time display
Calendar display
Thermometer display (The thermometer is sensitive to the heat of the main unit and should be used as a simple function.)

Clock / Remote control / Power cord / User's manual / Original sticker

Width : 210mm
Height : 50mm
Depth : 52mm

Please be careful not to touch the base of the product during operation.
Please be especially careful in households with children.
VFD tubes are fragile, so please be careful where you place them.
Do not place it near water.
Please do not place the product near water. Please understand this in advance.

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