NIXOID NEXT|新型ニキシーウォッチ遂に発売!830時計店限定モデルも登場。


NIXOID Due to the deteriorating situation in Ukraine, where the team is located

Production of this production of this product has been temporarily halted due to the deteriorating situation in Ukraine, where the NIXOID team is located.

Please be assured that the NIXOID team is safe and sound.

As soon as the situation recovers, we will resume production and accept orders.

We apologize for any concern this may cause.

Please wait for a while.

We are praying for the earliest possible conclusion of the situation.

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From NIXOID, a Ukrainian team developing Nixie tube wristwatches, the new upgraded Nixie watch "NIXOID NEXT" is now available from 830 Watch Store!

Pre-sold on crowdfunding Kickstarter in 2021, it was a huge success with $364,207 (approx. 42 million yen) in support.

NIXOID NEXT", greatly updated from the previous model, lands in Japan for the first time along with the 830 Watch Store collaboration model!

Click here for details of each model!

Model to be released on Friday, February 18 at 8:30 p.m. (made-to-order)

NIXOID NEXT : Model 830

February 20 (Sun.) 8:30 p.m. release model

NIXOID NEXT : Model Chernobyl

NIXOID NEXT : Model Kickstarter

NIXOID NEXT : Model Kickstarter


The first thing that stands out is the metal case, which has completely changed the impression of the previous model.

The sapphire glass, the second hardest in the world, and the thin, light, and sturdy metal case machined from a single aluminum alloy protect the Nixie tube from shocks.

The appearance of the watch showed its presence as an exclusive, high-class wristwatch.


The higher grade models are also equipped with an acceleration sensor. Instead of pressing a button, the nixie tube can be turned on with a swinging motion of the arm.

To improve the accuracy of this acceleration sensor, processing must be performed by an independent core, resulting in the world's first Nixie watch with a dual-core CPU.


A battery with a higher capacity.

Accelerometer on. Accelerometer on, up to 10 days of daily use.
Accelerometer off If you do, it will last up to 25~30 days for daily use.
Sleep mode battery life of up to 2 months in sleep mode.


Magnetic charging connector enables one-touch charging.

For a smarter user experience, since it is used daily.

NIXOID uses valuable unused Nixie tubes to maintain quality, and their lifespan is estimated to be about 20 years.

However ,Nixie tubes are no longer manufactured, and only a few of the IN16 Nixie tubes used in NIXOID NEXT exist in the world.

The NIXOID team was Luckily. discovered a Nixie tube untouched for 25 years, stored in a closed military warehouse, and it is believed to be their last chance.

Before the Nixie tubes are gone from this world.

We were looking forward to the day when we could present the new NIXOID from 830 Watch Store.

Thank you to the NIXOID team and to everyone who is reading this.

If we run out of Nixie tubes, will we ever see a new NIXOID product?

Why don't you join us and enjoy what we can only do now?

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