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CYBER VFD 2022 |VFD IV-18 Vacuum Tube Clock


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The ultimate cyberpunk that we have arrived at.

VFD tubes are so durable that they are used in space development and military applications.

Vintage VFD tube IV-18 made in the former Soviet Union manufactured in the 1980s~90s is used.

Fantastic luminescence phenomena are occurring inside the glass tube in a vacuum state.

To learn more about the mechanism and history of "VFD," please click here.

Cyberpunk - VFD|What is a fluorescent display tube?

A display that emits blue-white light inside a single vacuum tube.

When turned on, it displays the time with a "HELLO" animation.

LEDs are embedded in the bare base, and LED colors and emission patterns can be individually controlled.

Various light effects are beautifully combined with the VFD tube to create a world of science fiction.

The main unit is equipped with a touch panel.

Even when the device is in the acrylic case, it can be turned on and off with a remote control.

Why don't you decorate your room with a futuristic device?

With option selection, it comes with an acrylic case specially made by 830 Watch Store!

The reflection of the main unit on the mirror base doubles the futuristic look.

Available in three types of cases. Please select "Special acrylic case included".

Time display
Calendar display
Temperature display (This is a simplified function due to the influence of the heat of the main unit.)
Illumination pattern change
Illumination color change

Clock body / Dedicated remote control / micro USB cable (1.5m) / USB power supply (DC5V) / User's manual / Original sticker

Optional item: Acrylic case for exclusive use

Main unit
Width : 162mm
Height : 40mm
Depth : 43mm
Acrylic case (optional)
Width : 180mm
Height : 80mm
Depth : 60mm

The black discoloration on the back of the VFD tube is a proof that the inside of the tube is kept in a vacuum state.
Please be careful not to touch the base of the product during operation.
Please be especially careful in households with children.
VFD tubes are fragile, so please be careful where you place them.
Do not place it near water.
Please do not place the product near water. Please understand this in advance.

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