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Founded in 2013.

The company has developed and manufactured numerous Nixie tube clock kits and products.

The team is probably one of the best in the world in terms of Nixie tube clock technology.


Released "Nixie Tubes Clock" using IN-12 Nixie tubes, the basic model among their works!

ArduinoIDE is used for the software, and if you have a development environment, you can rewrite the program by yourself to customize the operation. (Rewriting of the program is not necessary for normal use.)

The circuit board filled with our original technology is not only accurate as a clock, but also a gem in terms of design.

It is also practical with a thermometer display.

This model is ideal for enjoying the world of Nixie tubes to the fullest.

Before the Nixie tube disappears from the world.

For more information about Nixie tubes, please click here.
Before the Nixie tube disappears from the world.

In the 1990s, the production of Nixie tubes stopped.
There are very few Nixie tubes left in the world.
The rare Nixie tube watches are making history every second.

Please be sure to read the following
The value of Nixie tubes has increased in recent years, and the price of Nixie tubes has skyrocketed. The price of our products may change accordingly.
Due to unstable stock supply, we cannot give you a reply when the product will be restocked.
Only one item per person is available.
*Nixie tubes are dead stock. Although we inspect them at the time of shipment, please understand that they are more prone to defects than current products because of their age.
If a *Nixie tube has an initial defect (defective light emission), we will replace it free of charge.
Please contact us at 到着後1週間以内にhachisanmaru.official@gmail.comへご連絡ください.

LED backlight (16.7 million color representation)
Time display (12/24-hour notation)
shuffle function (cathode poisoning prevention function)
Automatic test upon power-on (LED, nixie tube, voltage, sound check)


Clock body / AC adapter (AC12V) / Instruction manual / Original sticker

Width : 180mm
Height : 60mm
Depth : 60mm


*Nixie tubes operate at high voltage. Please be careful not to touch the base inside.

Please be especially careful in households with children.

Nixie tubes are easily broken, so please be careful where you place them.

Do not place the product near water.

Please do not place the product near water. Please understand this in advance.

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